Cyber Consulting Services

Cyber Risk Management — Protection From Online Threats

Strong cyber security is an increasingly important business requirement in today’s work environment. Data breach threats are on the rise and can be potentially devastating to your business and your clients.

TMLT offers fee-based services to help organizations minimize cyber threats, including violations of medical privacy and security laws. Our cyber risk management services include HIPAA risk assessments; IT services; policy and procedure reviews; publications; and customized training. Through our subsidiary, Texas Medical Insurance Company (TMIC), we offer standalone cyber liability and technology errors and omissions coverage for both first-party and third-party losses.

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Have a cyber question? Our Cyber Liability FAQs are a great resource to help you answer your cyber-related questions or concerns. You may also contact our cyber risk experts, John Southrey or Cathy Bryant, for help. 

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What is Cyber Risk Management risk assessment

Risk Assessment — Medical Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification

Our cyber risk management experts will visit your organization to determine your risk for data breaches related to medical privacy and data, and to identify any vulnerabilities. The assessment is designed to help you comply with HIPAA, HITECH, and Texas medical privacy and security laws. Our team can also provide you with resources, staff training, and IT support to help you address these risks.

There is a fee for the cyber risk assessment, as it involves an in-depth evaluation of your organization's data use, storage, and systems.

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HIPAA Training For Physicians and Staff

TMLT Staff Certified in Health Care Privacy Compliance

Our cyber risk professionals can train your staff in maintaining compliance with federal and state medical privacy and security laws and in cyber security best practices. Request staff training here.

Nivola Healthcare Solutions

Nivola Healthcare Solutions provides services to assist health care professionals and entities in complying with HIPAA/HITECH privacy and security regulations. Services include online HIPAA training and risk analysis and documentation assistance.


TMLT offers additional resources to help you comply with federal and state medical privacy and security laws, including:

  1. A TMLT Privacy and Security Toolkit containing:
    • HIPAA/HITECH and Texas Privacy Laws Comparison Tool
    • Introduction to Developing Customized Physician Office Training
    • Guide to Getting Started
  2. Security Risk Analysis Myths and Facts
  3. Medical Privacy and Security To Do List
  4. Cyber liability case studies
  5. Education programs
    • CME programs
    • Related presentations
  6. As part of TMLT's Cyber Coverage, policyholders also have access to the NAS cyber risk management site. The site provides information on complying with current laws, handling a data breach, training resources, and sample policies. The NAS site is accessible through the TMLT members-only website

Contact our TMLT PDCS team to request additional resources.

Increased Cyber Security Monitoring with eSentire

For organizations who want a higher level of cyber security, TMLT has partnered with eSentire.

eSentire offers Managed Detection and Response (MDR) that provides 24-hour live monitoring of a client’s computer network by an IT expert looking for cyber threats. Having this level of threat detection allows immediate human intervention to either turn off access or to step down a computer session if necessary. Essentially, eSentire’s services act like an intelligent circuit breaker in real-time when needed. Learn more about MDR.

Contact our TMLT PDCS team to learn more about eSentire and their services for physicians.

IT Service Partner

TMLT has partnered with Onsupport Corporation, an established IT firm, to offer a range of solutions for your data security needs, including:

  • managed network services and help desk;
  • security risk assessments for Meaningful Use/HIPAA compliance;
  • system penetration;
  • phishing campaign;
  • vulnerability testing; and
  • hosting, back-up, and disaster recovery.

Contact our TMLT PDCS team to learn more.

Cyber Insurance

All TMLT policies include Cyber Coverage with limits of $100,000 per claim and $100,000 per policy period for physicians. Group limits are $100,000 per claim and $500,000 per policy period. Increased limits and enhanced cyber coverage are available for purchase from TMLT.

Since not all cyber policies are the same, TMLT can also help your organization purchase customized, stand-alone cyber insurance with limits up to $10 million per claim, and $10 million in the aggregate. We can also advise you on coverage benefits to protect organization against cyber threats.

Contact our TMLT PDCS team to speak with a cyber insurance expert.